Visit the Best Tourist Places in Nagaland
Oct 27, 2023 By Sean William

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Nagaland, also known as the "Land of Festivals." I'll introduce you to the best tourist places in Nagaland, a land with vibrant cultures and natural beauty. From old tribal traditions to breathtaking landscapes, they create a truly mesmerizing travel experience in the northeastern region of India.

Nagaland's capital, Kohima, has World War II memorials like the Kohima War Cemetery. You'll find colorful tribal cultures like Angamis and Konyaks with their traditions and festivals. Visit Khonoma, a mesmerizing village known for its conservation and eco-tourism initiative. In summer, Dzukou Valley is a heaven for nature lovers.

Let's explore some of the top tourist destinations that offer tourists an unforgettable experience of culture, scenery, and hospitality.

Kohima: The Capital

The capital, Kohima, should be at the top of your list of the best tourist places in Nagaland to start your journey. This city has a lot of history and is an interesting mix of tradition and modernity.

Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery is beautifully maintained and is one of the historical places in Nagaland. This place is an emotional reminder and honors the soldiers who died in the Battle of Kohima in World War II.

State Museum

Must visit the state museum to explore Nagaland's rich cultural history through a wide range of artifacts, art, and tribal handicrafts. Although it's not a historical sight in the traditional sense, it provides valuable insights into the state's tribal cultures.

Japfu Peak

Japfu Peak is mostly known for its scenic beauty and hiking treks; it also has historical significance. It was a key spot during the Battle of Kohima in World War II. While hiking on its trek, you can experience a breathtaking view of the Dzukou Valley, known for its seasonal blooms.

Dimapur: The Gateway

Among the top 5 places to visit in Nagaland, Dimapur is the biggest city and the main entrance to the state. Here, you can explore the following places:

Diezephe Craft Village

You can witness the tribe's craftsmanship, making beautiful handwoven textiles, bamboo products, and jewelry. You can also buy them to take them with you as souvenirs from this crafty village of Nagaland.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Rangapahar Reserve forest is near Dimapur, a wildlife habitat with lush forests, rolling hills, and peaceful streams. This reserve forest gives a break from the hustle of modern life with its beautiful greenery.

Visitors to this flawless place can enjoy birdwatching, nature walks, and picnics while admiring flora and fauna. This forest reminds visitors of Nagaland's dedication to nature conservation and commitment.

Mokokchung: Cultural Heartland

People often describe Mokokchung as the cultural center of Nagaland, where you can discover the Ao Naga tribe's rich heritage. Some notable attractive places are the following:

Longkhum Village

This beautiful village is in the Mokokchung district and a great place to learn about the traditional life of the Ao people. This lovely village's terraced fields give stunning views of the hills and valleys.

The residents of Longkhum are popular for their hospitality. Visitors often have the opportunity to interact with friendly locals and enjoy authentic Naga cuisine.

Ungma Village

The Ungma village is one of the attractive tourist places in Nagaland for culture enthusiasts. It is the oldest and largest Ao Naga village in Nagaland. Ungma's history and tradition reveal the Ao tribe's heritage. This village is a living tribute to the strength and dignity of the Ao Naga people.

Traditional wooden houses with stunning carvings convey stories as you wander the village. The community here maintains its ancient customs and rituals. Visitors can participate in various traditional ceremonies and cultural dances.


Chuchuyimlang is another attractive village in the Mokokchung district and comes alive during Nagaland's most celebrated Moatsu Festival. The town is famous for its terraced fields, widespread greenery, and the warm hospitality of the Yimchunger tribe.

In early May, the Moatsu festival features tribal gatherings, traditional dances, and delicious Naga cuisine. Chuchuyimlang offers visitors a chance to celebrate and understand Yimchunger culture.

Mon: Land of the Konyak Naga's

Mon district offers a unique opportunity to interact with the Konyak Naga tribe, famous for its headhunting traditions. Some of the key attractive places are the following:

Longwa Village

Longwa village is a unique and culturally significant place that offers a glimpse into the life of the Konyak Naga tribe. Longwa village is fascinating because some houses cross the international border between India and Myanmar.

The Singh's (chief's) house is a common attraction for visitors to witness this village's landmark. Longwa is a great place to learn about Konyak Naga's customs, traditions, and mythology, including headhunting and unique facial tattoos.

Shangnyu Village

Historical monuments such as stone carvings, memorial stones, and ceremonial pillars are significant landmarks of the history of Shangnyu village. The Shangnyu's Angh's (chief's) palace is a stunning example of Konyak architecture and woodwork.

Aoling Festivals

The Konyak Naga region of Nagaland hosts the colorful and culturally significant Aoling Festival. This festival features colorful dances, singing, and rituals. Aoling festival is a wonderful sight as the locals dress in traditional attires with feathers, beads, and tattoos.

You can experience Konyak Naga's artistic talents, enjoy their food, and learn about their culture at the festival.

Final Thoughts

Nagaland, the "Land of Festivals," offers diversity and culturally rich experiences. Historical places like Longwa, Shangnyu village, and colorful Aoling festivals are famous among the best tourist places in Nagaland. This northeastern Indian jewel attracts travelers seeking an authentic and unique journey.

I recommend starting your Nagaland adventure at Kohima, having visited that lovely place. The friendly folks and stunning views from Japfu Peak make Kohima a must-see for Nagaland's beauty.

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