Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise - A Must-Have Experience for Travelers
Feb 28, 2024 By Sean William

Are you planning to visit the iconic Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise? But have no information about its timing, main activities, and history. If you answer yes, you've surely landed at the right place. Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise is one of the best ways to explore the majestic charm of Dubai. Particularly, if you are a history buff, then going on this voyage will become even more alluring.

So, without further delay, book your ticket and get ready to immerse yourself in endless fun and beauty. This article contains all the information you need before making a reservation. So, read it till the end and find the answer to all of your questions.

Let's begin!

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise - An Overview

Before indulging in the details of the Dhow Cruise, let me give you a quick overview of Dubai Creek. It is worth mentioning here that Dubai Creek holds excellent significance in Dubai’s history. It used to be a water pathway between two parts of Dubai.

People used to travel in small-sized boats named Abra. They were motorized. After that, water taxis became more common, and they were air-conditioned. Another fact about Deira Creek Port is that boats utilize it for offloading cargo.

This creek has developed immensely, and the beauty of the night view has become more appealing and catching. Therefore, Dubai Creek Dhow Cruises float there, allowing visitors to enjoy a mesmerizing experience.

Let’s explore the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruises!

Best Dubai Creek Dhow Cruises

In Dubai Creek, you have some options for Dhow Cruises. It allows you to pick the Dhow Cruise according to your preferences. So, here we will delve into the details of two amazing Dubai Creek Dhow Cruises.

Dubai 2-Hour Evening Dhow Cruise And Dinner

This Dhow Cruise allows you to embark on a two-hour-long relaxing trip. You can enjoy the jaw-dropping skyline and peacefully running water. Moreover, you can also treat yourself to a mouth-watering Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise dinner. It contains Arabian and international foods. The Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise price for this journey is AED 225.


Departure: 8:00 PM

Arrival: 10:00 PM

Dubai Dhow Cruise Along Dubai Creek

This traditional wooden dhow has a three-hour-long voyage, giving you an extra hour to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Dubai. The luxury setting and a palpable vibe will make you want more. And obviously, delicious food will enhance the joy of this spectacular experience. The Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise price for this experience is AED 305.


Departure: 7:00 PM

Arrival: 10:00 PM

What Can You Experience in Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise?

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise surely gives you a lifetime experience filled with immense joy and luxury. They have two decks, upper and lower. Remember, the lower deck is air-conditioned while the upper is not. So, if the season is hot, it's better to take seats on the lower. Otherwise, the scorching heat of Dubai will not let you enjoy this enchanting experience to its fullest.

Additionally, if the weather is pleasant, go upstairs and amuse yourself with the fascinating night view of Dubai. You can have a glance at the heritage of Dubai. Plus, this dhow cruise experience will allow you to plunge into the unmatchable beauty of modern Dubai.

Mesmerising Views of Dubai

The high-rise buildings and skyscrapers will give you a golden chance to entertain yourself by seeing the modern city life. Imagine sitting in the boat surrounded by plenty of state-of-the-art buildings flooded with lights. Obviously, it can surely give you an unprecedented experience that you will cherish forever.

Not only the surroundings but the ambiance of the dhow cruise is also refreshing, opulent, and spectacular. The Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise location is perfect, and it serves you with a luxurious vibe that is palpable. Along with that, the refreshments and buffet food are so delicious that your taste buds will thank you.

Food at Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise

Food at Dubai Dhow Cruise is as diverse as this place itself. You will be first served with the refreshments. It could be juice, coffee, or tea. After that, there is a buffet service. It has a wide range of food items.

You can consume Arabian and international cuisine at the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise dinner. So, along with the mouth-watering and diverse food, you can enjoy beautiful scenery- indeed, a double treat.

Activities on the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise

When you are on board in the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise, it allows you to connect deeply with Dubai culture. During the journey, the dhow glides past plenty of buildings that have historical importance.

Along with there is also music playing on a dhow that allows you to understand Dubai culture better. They also provide a Henna painting service during the voyage, an Arab tradition.

Things to Consider Before Going to Dhow Cruise

There are some things that you need to know before embarking on this journey. And, without knowing them before reaching the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise location, you'll have to pay a big price.

Here, I’ll enlist the points you need to keep in mind:

  • You’re not allowed to take pets
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited
  • Taking pictures of others without consent is prohibited
  • Timings may differ during national holidays and Ramazan
  • Food and pick/drop facility charges are included in the ticket

If you want to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, then always remember the above-mentioned guidelines. Otherwise, they may cancel your booking or fine you. Either way, your trip will tarnish, and rather than making memories, you will end up wasting your money and time. So, be careful!

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, I must say all of your queries related to the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise must have been sorted out. Knowing the right timing and other details will elevate the quality of your tour.

Now, as you are equipped with the right information, book your ticket and embark on a mesmerizing journey to recharge your body and soul. And learn amazing new things about the rich and diverse culture of Dubai.