Know About Lake Brienz, Interlaken: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips
Dec 16, 2023 By Sean William

Suppose you are considering visiting Lake Brienz this year but are confused about how to get there, what to do at the lake, or which is the best to visit Lake Briez; worry not. We have covered all of your queries you are wondering about. So, go nowhere, delve into this article, and find everything about Lake Brienz.

When Switzerland has thousands of lakes, why should you visit Lake Brienz? Brienz is located in a beautiful location, and its unique turquoise blue color is enough to amaze you and let you fall in love with this stunning lake. It is not only one of the prettiest but also the deepest lake in Switzerland.

The landscape of Lake Brienz is stunning, while the charming Swiss village surrounding the lake adds a lot to the beauty of this lake. Therefore, the lake attracts thousands of visitors around the globe annually. The place is a must-visit for the Alps lovers. Also, you can breathe fresh air while enjoying the divine view there. So, what do you need more?

The lake is gorgeous and has breathtaking scenery, but reaching there can be challenging if you are unaware of that place, right? We are here to assist you in planning your visit to Lake Brienz, so there is no need to stress over there. All you need to do is to pack your bag and book your visit to Switzerland!

Know About Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz is situated in the Canton of Berne and covers an area of about 29.8 square kilometers. It is about 2.8 kilometers wide, 14 kilometers long, and 260 meters deep, making it one of the deepest lakes in Switzerland.

Brienz Lake is surrounded by the hills of Schwarzhorn and Faulhorn, which gives it magnetic scenery. It is the turquoise gem, much brighter and more intense than other lakes in Switzerland. The water from the glaciers gives this lake a unique color, making it more unique and stunning.

The water from the river Aare and glaciers bring little sediments and other particles deposited at the lake's depth, creating a magical effect. Also, the lake is well-maintained. Therefore, tourists love this spot and enjoy the still and calm nature from diverse world regions.

How To Reach To The Lake Brienz?

Many people landing in Switzerland don't know how to go to Lake Brienz. If you plan to visit Lake Brienz, book your flight at an airport near your destination.

The closest airport to Lake Brienz is the Bern-Belp Airport, from where it will take a drive of 60 kilometers to reach the lake. Also, you can book a flight to the Zurich International Airport. The lake is about 120 kilometers away from the airport. It is the largest airport, and multiple flights reach there.

After landing, you can reach Lake Brienz via bus, rental car, or train. If you choose the train to reach your destination, buy the ticket from the nearest station to the lake and then take the bus to reach the lake.

Besides that, your other option is the Interlaken airport, which is just 13 kilometers away from the lake, and you can reach this beautiful spot within 20 minutes. To reach Lake Brienz, you can take:

  • Ferry: If you want to enjoy a memorable trip after landing at the airport, book your seat on the ferry.
  • Bus: Buses near the airport can take you to the Lake Brienz. So, you can take any of these and reach Lake Brienz in just 23 minutes.
  • Car: From the airport, you can book the cars that will take 20 minutes to reach Lake Brienz.
  • Train: Catch the line 470 train and reach the lake. It will take only 17 minutes.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Brienz?

Whether you visit the lake in summer or winter, you will not find it crowded. Therefore, you will have a wonderful experience every time you are there. The turquoise-colored water makes it unique, worth visiting, and absolutely the best place in Switzerland.

However, the color of Lake Brienz becomes more vivid during the hot summer days. Therefore, we suggest you visit the lake in summer or spring. Also, during summer, as the weather is hot and pleasant, you can enjoy various activities such as swimming, hiking, and boating.

There are also different gardens and parks near the lake, and you can also visit them. The lake has a little village of Brienz, where you can find multiple lovely options to stay. So, you can choose any of them to stay while visiting Lake Brienz.

A Visit To Lake Brienz: Tips You Need To Know

Here are a few tips for all the travelers considering exploring the lake this summer:

  • The most popular time to visit the lake is between 2 pm to 3 pm, while you will take only 2 hours to explore the entire Lake Brienz.
  • If you don't like hiking or swimming, you can take the boat and explore the lake. Also, via boating, you can explore the village of Brienz, situated in the neighborhood of the lake.
  • You can choose the boat, so select the one from the options that attracts you the most.
  • If you visit the lake during the peak tourism season, you will get more opportunities and activities, especially for travelers.


Lake Brienz is located in the Bernese Oberland region, where most residents speak German. On its southern side, you will find Interlake and Brienx on its northern side. The lake is filled with glacier water, making it a stunning turquoise color and breathtaking.

It is not only the lake that is worth visiting, but there are also so many activities you can do at this lake and have a great time with your loved ones. Reaching the lake is easier, and you can reach there by train, bus, or car. So, visit Lake Brienz during your next vacation and gather memorable moments with your family!