Laos Tourism: Best Places, Timing and Major Attractions
Oct 18, 2023 By Sean William

Do you want to have a trip to the landscape that has the beauty and charm of nature? Laos is a place located in Southeast Asia that is the best country to visit as a nature lover. Laos tourism will let you experience activities like trekking in the forests.

Besides the landscape, this country has different cultures that you can explore during your visit. We have listed the places to visit during your trip. We also discuss where you can stay, the best time and package to have fun during your trip.

Laos Tourism Places To Visit

Among the vivid nature, charm, vibrant culture, and beauty of the landscape, there are some must-see places that you can visit during your trip to Laos. This place has a charm that attracts tourists to enjoy time there.

Vieng Xai Caves

It is the best place for adventure enthusiasts who love to explore areas like caves. These are the seven caves around the village named Vieng Xai. These caves have been used as a shelter for a decade during the secret war between 1964 and 1973.

These caves were the underground cities with schools, hospitals, and theaters. These are not fully open to tourists, but they planned to open more areas for them to learn about these caves.

Wat Phu Champasak

It is a ruined temple in India located on the southern side of Laos. However, it is the oldest worship place in that region, situated at the base of Phou Khao mountain. It was a part of the Khmer Empire in the early 10th century.

However, if you are a history lover, you'd like to see these historical places. Some buildings are even 1000 years old. This site has 6 terraces showing the ancient architecture.

Kuang Si Waterfalls

These are the waterfalls, which are also known as Kuang Si Falls. It is a three-layered waterfall located 29 km to the south. The water falls from a 50 ft height into different shallow streams.

However, you'll have a memorable experience after visiting this place. The most necessary thing you should do during a visit to Kuang Si Falls is to swim.

MandaLao Elephant Conservation

This place was once famous as a land of millions of Elephants. Tourists love to ride over them in the elephant camps. But later, it became a sanctuary where riding wasn't available. Tourists can only see them walking and swimming.

The aim of this Sanctuary is to connect visitors with these elephants. The elephants are preserved and protected at this place, and visiting them is a thrilling experience.

Where To Stay?

During your Laos Tourism, you need to stay at a place for rest after the whole day tour. For this, there are different places from which you can choose the 9ne suitable for you.

S2 Modern Boutique Hotel

Laos tourism nightlife can be amazing with a suitable place to stay. This hotel provides a comfortable environment and top-notch services. This hotel also has a swimming pool to have fun in the water.

However, you'll have a buffet selection of both local and Western food. There is also a cafe nearby where you can have a cup of coffee. Overall, the hotel is the best place to stay during Laos tourism.

The Luang Say Residence

It is a luxurious hotel located in the lush green landscape, having an old French colonial style. They provide large and beautiful rooms to the tourists. The pool and grounds of the hotel are also amazing for having a calm place to soothe your mind.

It is a hotel with unique experiences and memorable food. You can choose the cuisine as per your cravings. Thus, if you want to stay at a luxury place, you can choose this hotel.

Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

This hotel is located on the bank of the Nam Song River and provides luxury services to tourists. It has an amazing swimming pool where you can swim to relax after a full day tour.

From your room, you can experience the fantastic view of the lush green landscape and mountains. However, it gives the herbal spa facilities a soothing environment after a tiring day.

Namkat Yorla Pa Resort

This hotel gives a natural, unique, and luxurious experience to tourists. If you are a nature lover, this place will give you a satisfying feeling during your stay. They provide amazing hospitality and have friendly behavior.

It gives a calm and peaceful environment to the tourists with the bird songs and the nature in the surroundings. Whether you are staying for the one-day tour or the four-day tour, You'll have a peaceful environment at this hotel.

Best Time To Visit

To enjoy Laos tourism, it is necessary to have a trip in the suitable months that have pleasant weather favorable for tourists. The dry and warm weather is compatible with Laos tourism as it provides a breathtaking environment necessary for tourists. This season is in the months of October and November. Moreover, the months from November to January are also suitable for this tour.

How To Reach?

To reach Laos, there are various routes, but the most common route is through Bangkok. First, take a flight to Bangkok and then reach the Udon Thani International Airport. From here, you can pick up a taxi and reach the Lao border in NongThai. However, you can also take a flight to Kuala Lumpur Airport and then further fly to Vientiane. However, you can reach your final destination from here.

Laos Tourism Packages

According to Laos tourism statistics, there are many people who love to visit Laos because it has many breathtaking places. To visit this place, you need to choose a suitable package offering the facilities that you want.

It includes the pick and drop, an expert who will guide you during the trip, food, and other things. Before selecting any package, it is essential to see the areas included in the trip.


Laos tourism is a landscape that shows the natural beauty of nature. Read this article to know which places are best to visit and stay. After reading this article, you can choose a place to visit as per your needs.