Top Places to Visit Near Darjeeling: An Ultimate Guide
Nov 16, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Darjeeling is popular for its tea industry, but in addition to that, it has gained immense popularity for its breathtaking natural beauty. The town is situated in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas and is the most beautiful hill station in West Bengal.

From the majestic mountains to lush green tea gardens, everything adds a lot to its beauty and makes it the Queen of Hills. If you want to explore its picturesque landscape and don’t know which places to explore near Darjeeling, this guide is for you!

Undoubtedly, Darjeeling is heaven; every nature lover tries to visit this place at least once. If Darjeeling is also on your list, don’t forget to visit Gangtok, Aritar, Dooars, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Kurseong, West Sikkim, Mirik, Kalimpong, and Lataguri. All the places offer you various breathtaking sights and various adventurous activities to do. So, what do you need more?

Darjeeling has remained a popular and favorite summer retreat. The picturesque hill station is an incredible place to escape from the intense summer heat and relax near Mother Nature. Before starting your tour, don’t forget to add the destinations mentioned below!

Top Places To Explore Near Darjeeling

The following are the places you must visit as all of these play a key role in promoting Darjeeling tourism:


It is an extremely alluring and worth visiting place wreathed in the clouds. The visitors enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from this city. The hill station is the capital of Sikkim and a base for the trekkers going to the Himalayan Mountains ranges. You will find this place surrounded by clouds and various mountain ranges. It is about 97 kilometers away from Darjeeling.


You can find this beautiful hill station in West Bengal, and it is popular for its panoramic valley views. Also, many churches, Buddhist monasteries, and Tibetan handicrafts exist. You will love to explore all these. It is in the east of Darjeeling and takes only fifty minutes to reach there from Darjeeling. The best time to visit this place is June, anytime from September to December.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

It is a two-foot narrow gauge train that connects Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri. It was constructed from 1879 to 1881. When you are in Darjeeling or plan to visit, don’t forget to enjoy a ride on this train. As the train passes through the mountains, you can enjoy pleasant views and explore the villages and local shops. The train connects Darjeeling hills with other regions and is used for daily transportation by thousands of people.


The place is not that popular, but one of the best places to explore near Darjeeling with family. It is about 90 kilometers from Darjeeling, and you must spend at least one day here to explore its beauty. Here, you will find ancient temples and monasteries. It is home to virgin natural beauty and heaven for nature lovers. As it is least known, you will not find any crowd here and can get closer to Mother Nature better.


It is situated between the Sankoshi River and the Teesta. You can find countless shades of grass, gorgeous hills, and dense tropics here. If you are curious to know what can be explored here, let us tell you that the land is rich in flora and fauna and gives you a chance to enjoy the mythical views of the valley. It would be best to visit this place in May and September. It is just at a distance of one kilometer from Darjeeling.


If you want to explore the exotic flowers growing in wild nature, you must go to this place. It is just 32 kilometers from Darjeeling, and you can explore the entire area within two days. It is also known as the land of white orchids. The place is home to various waterfalls, lush green fields, and snow-covered peaks. You can go trekking, meet white orchids there, and be amazed by their blooming smiles. Besides that, don’t forget to explore the churches, Buddhist universities, and temples there.


It is a beautiful town situated at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. You will find this place a blend of both natural beauty and urban culture. This picturesque city has been blessed with the best of nature and is rich in green gardens. Also, it has rich wildlife, and you must explore their various sanctuary houses while being there. Salugara Monastery is the major tourist attraction here. Besides that, you would also love to roam around the Hong Kong market on Hill Cart Road.

West Sikkim

It is about 75 kilometers from Darjeeling and is located at the base of Kanchenjunga. It is the best place to enjoy the stunning view of the Southeast side of Mount Kanchenjunga; the best months to explore this place are April, May, June, October, November, and December.


Mirik is about 59 kilometers away from Darjeeling, and you must visit this place in March, April, October, and November. It is an incredible place to inhale some fresh air; therefore, thousands of tourists visit this place all around the globe. You may also know this place as the Valley of Sun. It is a small hill station which you will find equally exciting and romantic. Here, countless activities are for the visitors, including boating and watching the sunset.


If you want to explore the wildlife closely, this would be an amazing place to visit. It is 103 kilometers away from Darjeeling and will be enough to explore this area one day. It will be an exciting place to explore the flora and fauna. The captivating, thrilling, and adventurous land will give you bundles of memories for a lifetime!


Darjeeling is one of the favorite touristy spots, and calling it a piece of heaven would not be wrong. This land has many more, including stunning tea plants to towering mountains. The weather of this town is a significant factor that attracts thousands of travelers to this place.

But, if you ask about the best places to explore in the region, we must say that Gangtok, Aritar, Dooars, Kurseong, Mirik, Kalimpong, West Sikkim, Lataguri, and Darjeeling Himalayan Railway are the best places to explore near Darjeeling.