Top 4 Things To Do In Shoreditch
Oct 06, 2023 By Sean William

London might be a great escape for you if you are searching for a place to spend a relaxing vacation. The city has an extensive range of destinations for you to visit. However, the beautiful Shoreditch stands out due to its historical significance.

Also known as the birthplace of English theater, Shoreditch offers many activities for visitors to perform. But what are they? Refrain from looking further to find the answer, as we have covered you. Keep reading; the forthcoming content will inform you about all the fantastic things to do in Shoreditch. So, without any further ado. Let's start

Top 4 things to do in Shoreditch

Be a yogi at the Mission.

The Mission is one of London and England's most prominent yoga and fitness centres. Hence, if you are a part of that group of people who take their health concerns to the utmost priority, even on vacations, then this place is for you. The building covers about 14000 square feet of area.

You will find everything there, from saunas to bathing rooms and from spacious rooms to peaceful ambience. Plus, you do not need to even Carey a yoga mat as you can get one from the place.

Once you are done ensuring good health, it's time to treat your tummy and taste buds with the help of restaurant prevention inside the building.

Try some fantastic cocktails at the bar.

The place is loaded with bars serving some of the best cocktail drinks in the world. Bartenders at the locations are well-trained and friendly. Each of the sites has its signature way of preparing drinks. You can try one of their signature recipes or ask the bartender to mix up flavours as you desire in exchange for a little tip. The place has everything whether you like stiff drinks or want non-alcoholic options. Some of the famous sites include Ever After, Happiness Forgets and Callooh Callay.

Get yourself a comfortable place to stay.

Staying at Shoreditch during your trip to London might be a great idea. Nevertheless, you need to find a comfortable and accessible place to stay. One of the great options is Montcalm Royal London. The 5-star property is situated near Liverpool train station. Find multiple accommodation options, from a royal room to luxurious suits to a single bedroom. You will find everything.

City M Hotel is another option if your budget allows you to stay at something other than such an expensive hotel. Although the prices are about equal for all the commodities, they also have some small rooms available at a much cheaper price range. Lobbies of Citizen M hotels are widely known for granting buzzing wines. You can also look for a guest house hosted by families during vacation seasons to earn extra money for the rest of the year.

Explore museums

Shoreditch holds a wide range of museums, each with its specialized theme and historical significance. Here are some of the famous museums you can pay a visit

  1. Museum of the home: The Geffrye Museum was built in the late 18th century as an almshouse and hospital to serve the people of east London. Nevertheless, the government converted it into a museum illustrating English life from the 1600's. Find different areas, including lounges, bedrooms, and kitchens, depicting how people of London used to live in the 16th century. In addition, all the furniture is carefully designed, with some pieces belonging to and preserved from the 16th century. You can visit the museum on any day from Tuesday to Sunday for free.
  2. Dennis Severs Museum: This museum is one of its kind not only in England but in the world due to its characteristics. It might sound a bit weird, but the Dennis Severs Museum allows you to see, actually smell, and feel like living in the past. The designers have taken measures to design rooms and furniture like London had from 1724 to 1914. However, they have yet to install any electrical appliances in the building to take things one step further. Plus, all the infrastructure creates a different atmosphere you see nowhere else. The entrance fee is 15 pounds on a typical day. However, rates might fluctuate depending on the upcoming events and ceremonies.
  3. Howard Griffin Gallery: If you like to appreciate street art and artists, then you might also enjoy Howard Griffin Gallery for actively spreading the street art word. The colourful museum is filled with vibrant artworks made by street artists. So make sure to visit.

Exploring Shoreditch market

The best way to discover Shoreditch culture at the ground level is by visiting its excellent weekend markets. As the name suggests, such markets are conducted on weekends, serving customers with daily essentials and other commodities at lower prices than usual. Here are two prominent markets

  1. Spitalfields Market: Whether you want to shop for your family or explore the delicious street food of London, the Spitalfields Market is a one-stop destination for both. The place initially started as a fruit market with hawkers selling fruits and vegetables in bulk. However, today, it has evolved into a full-fledged market with proper shops and stalls. You can find master copies and replicas of renowned brands as well. You can visit it from 10 am to 5 pm.
  2. Columbia Road Flower Market: The Columbia Road Flower Market is the place to go for everyone who loves seeing the magical colours of nature. Situated about ten minutes from Columbia Road in Hackney, this place obtains the largest and the most varied range of followers. The hustle and bustle is so much that people avoid using the road on Sundays. Although the regular time to visit is 8 am to 3 pm, we suggest visiting before 12 to avoid crowds and shop peacefully.


On the bottom line, Shoreditch is a fantastic place to visit. It has everything to offer: a fresh atmosphere, shopping sites, and beautiful spectacles. The content above tells how you can reap maximum benefits from your visit to Shoreditch by doing many activities.